Hayao Miyazaki’s Reason for Retirement

Hayao Miyazaki is still dedicated to creating classic anime films but sadly his body just can’t keep up anymore.  Miyazaki stated that his poor vision and age are the major reasons as to why he’s calling it quits for good in the world of animation.

Miyazaki had this to say at a press conference in Tokyo where he first announced his retirement, “Many of you probably wonder exactly what an animation director does. But as an animator, I draw. And these days I have to take my glasses off and bend over my desk to see what I’m doing.” “It is really hard work and I can’t do it for as long as I once did.”

Miyazaki then explained how all animations that come from Studio Ghibli are hand drawn and this is how it was going to stay.   He also said that “It took me five years to make this film (The Wind Rises) from completing Ponyo, and it would probably take me six or seven years to make the next film, because age is slowing me down. So at 72 now, I could be going on 80 by the time I finished another film.”

This video is the making of his Oscar winning film Spirited Away.  It shows the hard work and dedication that goes into making a Miyazaki film.

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