The Art of The Wind Rises

Fans will now get the chance to own the beautiful artwork from Miyazaki’s stunning film The Wind Rises. The book will contain the first sketches of the film, detailed interviews, artwork and more.


The Art of The Wind Rises will contain the artwork from the film in its first stages to the final product which I can’t wait to take a look at. It will also have exclusive interviews from the creators themselves and all of the drawing ideas of the characters and designs in the film. It’s like “the behind the scenes” of The Wind Rises but in the form of a beautifully illustrated book which is kind of cool.

Masumi Washington, who is the editorial director, stated “The Wind Rises is an epic story set during an important era in Japan’s history, and we [are] very excited to complement Miyazaki’s landmark film with the release of this wonderfully illustrated new hardcover art book.”

The Art of The Wind Rises will be available in the U.S on April 8th and released by Viz Media. Other books released by Viz Media that any Miyazaki fan will enjoy are The Art of SpiritedAway, The Art of MyNeighbor Totoro, The Art of Princess Mononoke and many more.







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