Morning Strolls Sketches of Hayao Miyazaki

Californian Artist Martin Hsu has used his talent to express his love for Studio Ghibli by creating a hand drawn series called Morning Strolls of famed director Hayao Miyazaki.


Artist Martin Hsu has made a collection of  ten beautifully hand drawn sketches of director Hayao Miyazaki. The Morning Strolls series were a success online being sold for 80 dollars each to a number of fans in less than ten minutes. Even though the hand drawn sketches are simple with not much colour they are still a beautiful work of art and are definitely one of a kind.

8e45d-hayao_miyazaki_martin_hsu_art09On how Hsu got into drawing sketches of Miayzaki he stated “I first started drawing my rendition of Miyazaki-sensei after he announced his retirement. I started making silly little one-panel comics fantasising about running into him on the streets of Japan.”

Hsu became motivated to make his Morning Strolls series when he read a book called the Turning Point. The book covered Miyazaki’s work throughout his career with pictures of the Studio Ghibli co-founder in a forest. There were also many pictures of Miyazaki with characters from his films.

On the meaning behind his illustrations of Miyazaki, Hsu explained that “these intimate drawings reminded me of my paternal grandmother. She was someone who could be perceived as extremely serious, but had the kindest b11b3-hayao_miyazaki_martin_hsu_art01soul and most brilliant smile. She often took walks as the sun arose in the morning — small in stature yet larger than life — not to mention she also had smashingly gorgeous grey/white hair.”

Six inch tribute figures of Miyazaki called “Miya-san” were made to help areas damaged by the Tsunami in Japan by non-profit organizations. The figures were inspired by Hsu’s rough sketches of Miyazaki.

Hus has used his talent to express himself through his beautiful drawings which can be seen in his Morning Strolls series. Fans who would love to own an original drawing by artist Martin Hsu should be on the lookout for his next pieces which could also be Studio Ghibli related.








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