Upcoming Film: When Marnie Was There

Hiromasa Yonebayashi will be directing Studio Ghibli’s next film When Marnie  Was There which is based off of author Joan G. Robinson’s children book. (more…)


Behind the Scenes of The Wind Rises

This video shows the voices behind the characters of Miyazaki’s stunning film The Wind Rises.  Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt who voices Jiro Horikoshi, Emily Blunt (Nahoko Satomi), John Krasinski (Honjo), and others as they record their voices for the making of the film.

The Wind Rises Wins Annie Award

Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece The Wind Rises has won an Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Film.  It has also won a well deserved number of awards for Best Animated Film which are from the:

Chicago Film Critics Association

New York Film Critics Circle

Boston Society of Film Critics

San Diego Film Critics Society

Toronto Film Critics Association

Online Film Critics Society

San Francisco Film Critics Circle

Hayao Miyazaki’s Reason for Retirement

Hayao Miyazaki is still dedicated to creating classic anime films but sadly his body just can’t keep up anymore.  Miyazaki stated that his poor vision and age are the major reasons as to why he’s calling it quits for good in the world of animation. (more…)