The Art of The Wind Rises

Fans will now get the chance to own the beautiful artwork from Miyazaki’s stunning film The Wind Rises. The book will contain the first sketches of the film, detailed interviews, artwork and more. (more…)


Theme from My Neighbor Totoro

 An old favorite of mine. Please Enjoy!

Hayao Miyazaki Could Win Eisner Hall of Fame Award

Miyazaki has been nominated to be in the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame for 2014.  There have been fourteen people nominated but only four will have the honor to get the spot in the Hall of Fame.  The Eisner Awards are said to be like the Oscars but for the Comic Industry.  Miyazaki is being nominated for his beautiful artwork in his manga series Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.  Only professionals working in the business like the creators, writers, producers, etc. are allowed to cast their votes until the closing date which is March 31st.  The results will be announced at the Hilton San Diego Bay Front Hotel on July 25th.



Update: Toshio Suzuki Will Not Be Retiring As Producer

Japanese news sites like Cinema Today are now reporting that Toshio Suzuki, who is the producer and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, is not retiring. (more…)

Gkids Releases The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Studio Ghibli’s film The Tale of Princess Kaguya, which was directed by Isao Takahata,  will be released in the U.S. this fall.  Gkids have bought the rights to the film and also the theatrical, non-theatrical, home video and television rights in North America.  This agreement was done between Eric Beckman from Gkids and Geoffrey Wexler from Studio Ghibli.  The film will be  released in theaters and eligible to receive an Oscar amongst other awards.

The same crew who created the english versions of The Wind Rises and From Up on Poppy Hill will do the same for The Tale of Princess Kaguya. The film is about the life of Princess Kaguya  beginning from when she was a baby to her adulthood.  This is Takahata’s first film in fourteen years since he directed Grave of the Fireflies.

Upcoming Film: When Marnie Was There

Hiromasa Yonebayashi will be directing Studio Ghibli’s next film When Marnie  Was There which is based off of author Joan G. Robinson’s children book. (more…)

Toshio Suzuki Announces Retirement

First Hayao Miyazaki announces his retirement in September of 2013 and now Toshio Suzuki.  This is just more bad news for Studio Ghibli fans such as myself.  Suzuki helped Miyazaki establish Studio Ghibli in 1985 and has been there with him ever since.  He has served as a producer for a number of films such as Princess Mononoke, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, The Wind Rises, etc.  There is some good news and that is Suzuki won’t be entirely gone from Studio Ghibli.  He will take the role as general manager and Yoshiaki Nishimura will take his place as the new producer.

UPDATE:  Toshio Suzuki will not be retiring as producer for Studio Ghibli.  It has been reported by Cinema Today in Japan that this information is not true.

Behind the Scenes of The Wind Rises

This video shows the voices behind the characters of Miyazaki’s stunning film The Wind Rises.  Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt who voices Jiro Horikoshi, Emily Blunt (Nahoko Satomi), John Krasinski (Honjo), and others as they record their voices for the making of the film.